Yes, All Women Deserve Dignity

In the aftermath of the Bengaluru mass molestation, there’s been a wave of reactions across social media. Outrage and disappointment poured in from nearly all quarters, but not quite. #NotAllMen began to trend on Twitter as men came out to protest the generalisation that they were all perverts. In response, the #YesAllWomen movement wearily picked up steam again as it tried for the umpteenth time to explain to men what it means to be a woman in today’s society, and the degree to which women face sexual harassment every single day.

It’s not the first time women have been made to justify why they deserve a life free from eve-teasing and sexual harassment. Among those who haven’t experienced it, there’s a general consensus that the daily issues women face with casual sexism are only a minor inconvenience, and completely different from the more valid fear of rape. What seems so hard to accept is that being hooted at while crossing the street or followed as you walk your dog at night is in itself a traumatising event. Women around the world are forced to justify why they feel helpless and terrified in a situation the world sees as ‘uncomfortable’ at most. Continue reading