How a Lady Can Cease to Let Her Life Be Just an Empty Dream

You have lost someone dear. Or, you have lost your job. Or, you are simply depressed. Fear not – you can still hold meaning for your life. Read on for the four-step process in order to regain the worth of your life.

Below are those steps to get back the mojo of life:

1. Find your purpose

You came to this earth because God had a purpose for you in mind. Find that purpose. Ask yourself what stuff you love to enjoy doing. Start doing them. Then pick the one you love to do the most. This is your passion. You can gradually transform it to a lucrative business. Everything requires time. So be patient.

2. Have an ingrained vision for the end result

What do you want to achieve as the end result of your purpose in six months, a year or five years’ time? Hold that vision. Better still, write everything about it in your journal or create a vision board and look at it every day. It’s very important that you don’t lose sight of your vision.

3. Take baby steps daily towards the vision

You do not have to take drastic actions. Start small and little. Every bit of daily baby steps will help. Break down the long-term vision into short doable actions. And carry them out. Remember the slow and steady rate always helps.

4. Combat challenges and obstacles on the way

While you remain steady with your actions towards your purposeful vision, you are likely to face challenges and obstacles on the way. Think out your problems. Discuss with the people who can help. Better still, come up with your own solutions and find out the pros and cons of every solution and choose the best solution and execute it. The trial and error method always helps. After all, failure is the pillar of success. So don’t be intimidated if it doesn’t work out well the first time round. As always, hold on to your purpose and your vision towards it.

In the long run, it’s what you choose to become that really matters – not what has happened to you. Always let yourself grow and expand and broaden your mind. Read books and go through programs in your passion niche. Together with my four-step process and the additional resources, you are bound to be successful. You will be happy with the net result. You will have something to celebrate and most importantly, you will have meaning for your life. So it’s worth giving a shot to finding your full-of-life purpose on this earth as the first initial step and following from there.


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